Proposals Map Data

The proposals map for Salford reflects the spatial policies of the adopted development plan. It contains policies from the UDP, the Minerals DPD and the Waste DPD. The datasets included are listed below.

UDP Datasets:

Archaeology / Ancient Monument, UDP Policy: CH5 (layer name: UDP_ANCIENT_MONUMENT)

Barton Aerodrome, UDP Policy: A14 (layer name: UDP_BARTON_AERODROME)

Chapel Street Frontage, UDP Policy: MX2 (layer name: UDP_CHAPEL_STREET_FRONTAGE)

Conservation Areas (Updated 2010), UDP Policy CH3 (layer name: UDP_CONSERVATION_AREAS_NEW)

Conservation Areas (at time of adoption, June 2006), UDP Policy: CH3 (layer name: UDP_CONSERVATION_AREAS_OLD)

Education, Health or Community Development Site, UDP Policy: EHC9 and EHC10 (layer name: UDP_EDUC_HEALTH_AND_COMM_DEV)

Employment Development Site, UDP Policy: E4 (layer name: UDP_EMPLOYMENT_DEVELOPMENT)

Existing Strategic Recreation Route, UDP Policy: R5 (layer name: UDP_EXISTING_STRAT_REC_ROUTES)

Green Belt, UDP Policy: EN1 (layer name: UDP_GREEN_BELT)

Housing Development Site, UDP Policy: H9 (layer name: UDP_HOUSING_DEVELOP_SITE)

Innovation Park, UDP Policy: E2 (layer name: UDP_INNOVATION_PARK)

Irwell Valley, UDP Policy: EN5 (layer name: UDP_IRWELL_VALLEY)

Key Recreation Area, UDP Policy: R4 (layer name: UDP_KEY_RECREATION_AREA)

Knowledge Capital, UDP Policy: E3 (layer name: UDP_KNOWLEDGE_CAPITAL)

Major Highway Proposal, UDP Policy: A9 (layer name: UDP_MAJOR_HIGHWAY_PROPOSALS)

Manchester Airport Safeguarding Zone – Buildings, structures, erections and works exceeding 90m in height, UDP Policy: DEV7(i) (layer name: UDP_MAN_AIRPORT_90M_CONSULT)

Manchester Airport Safeguarding Zone – Developments likely to attract birds, and/or applications connected with aviation use, UDP Policy: DEV7(ii) (layer name: UDP_MAN_AIRPORT_ATTRACT_BIRDS)

City Boundary and Manchester Airport Safeguarding Zone - Wind turbine development, UDP Policy: DEV7(iii) (layer name: UDP_MAN_AIRPORT_SAFEGUARD_ZONE)

Manchester, Bolton and Bury Canal, UDP Policy: CH7 (layer name: UDP_MBBC)

Metrolink Extension (Lowry Spur), UDP Policy: A3 (layer name: UDP_METROLINK_EXT_LOWRY_SPUR)

Mixed-Use Area, UDP Policy: MX1 (layer name: UDP_MIXED_USE_AREAS)

Mixed-Use Development Site, UDP Policy: MX3 (layer name: UDP_MIXED_USE_DEVELOP_SITE)

Mosslands, UDP Policy: EN11 (layer name: UDP_MOSSLANDS)

Mossland Heartland, UDP Policy: EN11 (layer name: UDP_MOSSLANDS_HEARTLAND)

New and Improved Recreation Land and Facilities, UDP Policy: R6 (layer name: UDP_NEW_AND_IMPROVED_REC_LAND)

New Sports Stadium, UDP Policy: E1C (layer name: UDP_NEW_SPORTS_STADIUM)

Parks and Gardens of Historic Interest, UDP Policy: CH6 (layer name: UDP_PARKS_AND_GARDENS)

Proposed Strategic Recreation Route, UDP Policy R5 (layer name: UDP_PROPOSED_STRAT_REC_ROUTES)

Retail Development Site, UDP Policy: S5 (layer name: UDP_RETAIL_DEVELOPMENT_SITE)

River Irwell Flood Control, UDP Policy: EN20 (layer name: UDP_RIVER_IRWELL_FLOOD_CONTROL)

Safeguarded Potential Transport Route, UDP Policy: A15 (layer name: UDP_SAFEGUARDED_POT_TRANSPORT)

Sites of Biological Importance (Updated Aug 2012 (2010 Survey)), UDP Policy: EN8 (layer name: UDP_SBI_NEW)

Sites of Biological Importance (at time of adoption, June 2006), UDP Policy: EN8 (layer name: UDP_SBI_OLD)

Strategic Regional Site, Barton, UDP Policy: E1 (layer name: UDP_STRATEGIC_REGIONAL_SITE)

Town / Neighbourhood Centre, UDP Policy: S1 (layer name: UDP_TOWN_AND_NEIGH_CENTRES)

Wildlife Corridor Key Area of Search, UDP Policy: EN9 (layer name: UDP_WILDLIFE_CORRIDOR)

Worsley Greenway, UDP Policy: EN2 (layer name: UDP_WORSLEY_GREENWAY)

Minerals DPD Datasets

Area of Search for Gravel (Minerals DPD Policy: 3 (layer name: MDPD_GRAVEL_AREA_OF_SEARCH)

Minerals Safeguarding Areas, Minerals DPD Policy: 8 (layer name: MDPD_MINERALS_SAFEGUARDING)

Minerals Site including those under restoration, Minerals DPD Policy: 11 (layer name: MDPD_MINERAL_SITES)

Rail-Linked Mineral Depots, Minerals DPD Policy: 11 (layer name: MDPD_SALFORD_RAIL_DEPOTS)

Waste DPD Datasets

Area Allocation for Waste Management Development, Waste DPD Policy 5 (layer name: WDPD_WASTE_MANAGEMENT_DEVELOP)

Allocation for Non-Hazardous Residual Waste Disposal, Waste DPD Policy: 7 (layer name: WDPD_NON_HAZARDOUS_WASTE)

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