Open Data

All over the world, the value of (open) data is being recognised as having the potential to transform the way that people live; providing new ways to better understand problems and create more effective solutions.

With more data being created than ever before, organisations hold a wealth of data but on it's own its value and insight can be limited. Data becomes much more valuable if it is made more widely accessible by being published as 'open', (e.g. in a re-usable format and licensed for re-use) so it can be used or re-used alongside other data or by people who have the skills and vision to use and re-use it in new and creative ways.

Salford Data Quay

Here in Salford we have created the Salford Data Quay to support this sharing, collaboration and innovation by providing the Salford Data Quay as a central and accessible hub for data to be published about the City.

We are also encouraging everyone to get involved especially the multiple public, private and third sector organisations that provide services across the City to, publish their data here, as 'open', (where possible).

We want to invite a new and existing audience of citizens, researchers, data scientists and developers to analyse, use and re-use the data (subject to the applicable Licensing conditions), to improve the opportunities for people and their communities in Salford,

Become a publishing 'organisation' on Salford Data Quay

If your organisation would like to publish data here, then please request that an 'organisation', is set up for you that will allow you and other members of your organisation to view/add/manage your datasets. To request this please email:

By setting up as an organisation on Salford Data Quay you agreeing to the terms and conditions set out in the Publishers Guide to Salford Data Quay.